Sunday, February 12, 2006


...Mother’s Day and all the freakin days which are thought up by smart companies to sell stuff to mushy public!

Considering I’ve always felt this way…I’ve finally got an excuse to pen my thoughts. The blog has it uses!

I always have hated Val’s day. Also bro’s day, sis’s day, mom’s day, dad’s day…what a load of bullshit!

You don’t need a special day to tell someone you love them. You can do it any old day, when ur love is feelin down, or when you look into his/her eyes and know your whole happiness is in their hands. My ex-bf was pretty understanding about my fetish actually, and he decided to humour my antics. So we got each other gifts arbidly, just to say I’m thinking of you, or when we knew one of us was feelin incredibly happy or whatever...which I found really sweet, though I’m not a mushy person by nature ( he was more thoughtful!).

I must be one of the few crazy oafs around to feel this way…but look around you. Zillions of other couples are going about doing the same things everyone else is doing! Buyin flowers, chocolates, dinner, dancing, cards…whatever is the latest way to say I love you on a pre-ordained day! Its so boring, so clich├ęd. It’s like sumthin that has to be done by every couple in love….its a given, sumthin taken for granted. Ditto for mom’s day, dad’s day an all d other days companies think up to market their goods. It’s sweeter to tell them when they need it, not when the whole wide world allots a day to say so.

No, I’m not siding with the Shiv Sena or whichever party is against celebrations. They are dumb anyway. But I’m just wondering…why do people think it so worthwhile to do something everyone else is doing, on the same day, every year? How do they still find it memorable?

A world full of clones…all of them preparing for an event that shouldn’t mean a dratted thing anyway!

Oh well. To each his own. Still, I’ve had my say.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

It's a wonderful world...

March to your own different drummer, look to your own shining star,
Follow the path you have chosen,
Dream till your dreams have come true.
Keep on believing in you.
Anon. ( have it on one of my cherished bookmarks!)

Joy and agony, companionship and loneliness, dreams and sawdust. It's the end of another year.
Every year we start with a fresh quota of hope, a fresh boost in our mental outlook. 2004 has seen more than its share of devastation, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods all taken into account. Although it has dented our lives, it still has to touch our collective spirit. Every tragedy has only shown us how closely our lives are entwined together, and thanks to the technology ( to think I only ever used comps for Pacman. Blasphemy!), I echo Friedman, The World is Flat.
On a personal note too, its been a year of upheavel. Anyways, I have learnt something our (wise?) elders have tried hammering into our young and headstrong minds.
Everytime you think life is unfair, count your blessings. Count every friend who has been there for you, count every smile, every wild impulse, every carefree whoop of joy you've heard. Count your family, and rate them high. Count your buddies again, 'coz you would never have gotten anywhere without them.
It does sound like I'm a proselytizing elder myself, but I'm NOT! Oddly enough, I'm not even pious. Er, now where did that come from?
However I suddenly do feel like telling everyone who is down and out, or feeling the dirty blues not to give in (boy! did the sages feel the power of revelation :D ??!!) That life will always have lessons for us to learn, and tough rounds to clear. That everytime life kicks you in the teeth, NEVER GIVE IN. Fight back, 'coz we only get to live once. I never cease to be amazed by the strength of the human spirit. People fight physical, mental and emotional trauma a lot of which I can't even imagine going through. Everytime I hear of them, it only renews my faith in human fortitude. Every story of courage gives me a glow. (And I've just realized I'm an incurable romantic, and probably a naive nitwit. Yeah, so? )
While this good mood lasts, I may as well finish pouring my thoughts out. (Tomorrow may hear me curse the same species if a penny-thieving ***** pisses me off on a lousy monday morn! :D)
And so, this is my tribute to everyone who has fought the fogs and come through.
This post is also my welcome for the Year '06. Bring it on!
P.S : this is just an interesting article I read. I always believed in "look before you leap". Oh well, another illusion shattered. Shriya hereby declares to shoot first and puke later!

Have a smashing year, people!


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The First Step...

I’ve just realized I’m not a natural blogger. I can’t rant and rave about my latest dreams, my weird but very own thoughts, the breaking news that anyone can read on the net, or anything else that moves, shakes or caresses this lil’ world or ours. Or outside it for that matter.

On the other hand, I’ve got this mild urge to find out what exactly is driving other people to bare their souls (read opinions, experiences or whatever else ppl put on their blogs). Since I’ve never liked scattering my opinions/feelings, till date I’ve avoided the blogging spirit like I avoid garlic. With friends and well wishers urging me on (I hear ur cheers!), along the lines of ‘experience the bliss urself’ (dat is NOT a travel promo :D) I’ve decided to contribute my own whatnot to the flood of blogs.
This may be the best time to introduce “I”. Well, I am called Shriya. Am a student in New York City. Just landed up here a few months ago, luckily you don’t stay new in NYC for long. I’m in love with the place! Uhuh, so much for intros. Maybe with time, I’ll be able to spill the beans on the rich inner self.  

This blog will have whatever catches my fancy at any given day/minute/mood. Or it may be blank, <sigh> the uncertainties in life!
Time will decide. And mood.
Hopefully, let the deluge begin!
Watch this space!